Video Streaming Performance Metrics

Video clip traffic has actually ended up being the dominant part of Web as well as mobile networks in the recent years and also is expected to proceed – applications consist of video clip telephone calls (e.g., FaceTime, Skype), video clip conferencing (e.g., Cisco’s Telepresence, Skype), video conversation, as well as video clip streaming (e.g., YouTube, Netflix). We all had sometimes fulfillment concerns with video applications over the network. One is with the image high quality or resolution of the video clip itself – e.g., NTSC versus HD top quality which has mostly to do with the encoding. For an offered image quality, the various other similarly crucial aspect is the shipping top quality. We will concentrate below on the delivery high quality with referral to video clip streaming. We will try right here to specify an action like the reaction time for data applications. Note that video clip streaming makes use of TCP/IP protocol and there ought to not be any sort of corruption in the bits delivered.

The metrics that count for the video clip quality shipping are the following:
1. Begin time of the video after initiation
2. Number of stops during the video clip
3. Beginning time of the first pause
4. Time to recuperate from each time out

The total testing period of the video clip stream (D) needs to be explained together with the actual size of the video program (L). Although a specific video clip stream could possibly be anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours long, the test duration itself could not be much shorter – say 10 minutes for a 2 hour stream. It is unusual that anyone would remain to watch the video of a 2-hour hour duration if the delivery top quality is inadequate for a sustained period of 10 minutes or even more.

The above metrics need to also be mentioned in addition to the environment – video resource or service provider, as well as the receiving tool information (hardware and software variations) – laptop/PC, Tablet computer, Cell phone, Roku, Wii etc

. A composite quality criterion can possibly be defined making use of the above four specifications after stabilizing with the test period or full period of the video. One means of sharing the video clip top quality is to simply build up the begin time, integrated duration of all stops and separate it by the duration of the video stream. A 10 minutes video examined for its whole duration could have a first start time of 1 minutes as well as 1 pause of 1 minutes someplace in the middle. We could claim that the video clip high quality is (1-1/10 -1/ 10-1 * 1/10) or 70 %. Right here we are not yet utilizing the 3rd criterion. One method to make use of the third parameter is to offer more credit if the initial pause happens in the direction of completion as opposed to straight near the start. Yet note that for every pause that is counted we are deducting 1 added minute.

If we could understand the effect each of the above 4 criteria on the perception of video high quality by the individual, it may turn out that the criteria might have to be heavy non-uniformly. For instance, a long beginning delay may be less tolerable than a time out in the center. Or a pause that occurs toward completion of the video stream could be less annoying compared to the one that occurs near the beginning. We can develop a much more reasonable rating just like the mean-opinion-score (MOS) utilized for voice quality – let us call it Video MOS or VMOS.

Gauging VMOS could be a difficulty as it would take substantial screening time if done by hand. We would certainly anticipate the gadget itself to have the ability to collect the above criteria and also offer the last VMOS rating for each video clip.

A measure much like VMOS could be used for audio streaming particularly applicable for sounds streamed over mobile links (e.g., Pandora or Bloomberg radio).

Giving the greatest VMOS will certainly be just as vital to all the stakeholders (content service providers, network owners, and device suppliers). The material carriers might have a little more at stake (e.g., Netflix) as well as hopefully take the effort to spearhead defining a standardized VMOS in the industry.

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