Top 15 Best Chinese Movies on Netflix Instant! (U.S)

Top 15 Best Chinese Movies on Netflix Instant! (U.S)

Here's my video/slideshow of the best Chinese movies on Netflix Instant! China/Hong Kong, Cantonese/Mandarin, and everything in-between. I hope you enjoy it. The music is titled "Naijing" and it is composed by Tong Liu.

If you'd like to read my more detailed list, as well as reviews, check it out here:

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Here's the list, if you didn't sit through the video:
Best Chinese Movies on Netflix Instant:
15. A Touch of Sin
14. Dream Home
13. Fallen Angels
12. Ocean Heaven
11. Dragon
10. Back to 1942
9. Ip Man 2
8. Let The bullets Fly
7. Shaolin
6. Drug War
5. After Shock
4. Floating City
3. Ip Man
2. City of Life and Death
1. Devils On The Doorstep

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