Sharp Aquos 52 Inch Review

2010 has been a year of double focus for Sharp when it comes to their LCD TVs. They have stuck to putting their attention on two new technologies. One of which we have mentioned previously in another post. Sharp placed a lot of focus on introducing yellow into their pixel technology. This fourth primary color has made it where the LC-52LE810UN can produce more than a billion colors for the viewer.

Sharp has also placed much attention on the appearance of their TV. When it comes to the LC-52LE810UN LCD TV, they have gone the extra mile to make it a stylish model that is up-to-date in its look. The TV is a mere 1.6 inches thin and this leaves many in awe. It also boasts a full glass front panel. You will definitely be proud to show off your new set.

There are other features that make the Sharp LC-52LE810UN so popular. As with other models, this set comes complete with Aquos Net that allows you to enjoy the internet from the comfort of your television. Netflix is available for those movie fans and the set is able to be connected to any number of devices through regular inputs, USB and even PC.

This is also an excellent TV for those gaming fans. It has a Vyper Drive Gaming Mode that will leave you wanting more. The minute you do something on your controller, the action will appear on the screen. Many HDTVs have a time delay when it comes to actually showing the actions.

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