Roku HD Player Review

You must be asking yourself what a Roku player is? Quite simply it is one of the newest and most innovative products to hit the electronic world. The Roku is actually the newest digital streaming video player to hit the market. From it you can stream TV shows and movies from the internet and actually watch them on any TV in your house. Although the Roku is poplar there are other players on the market like the Apple TV which offers the best iTunes configuring or the Boxee Box whose user interface is actually pretty good.

The size of the player is about the size of an internet modem. Really good because you could have it hidden in just about small space. One of the reasons it is also gaining notoriety is because of its connection and user interface with Netflix. Netflix is one of the most popular ways of actually renting moves either through the mail or from your player. With the set up that only takes about 5 minutes you will be on your way to viewing your favorite shows and moves in no time.

The 3 Things to know about the Roku HD Player Are:

1.) There are actually 3 different models of the Roku player. The prices range from $60 which is the most basic to $100 which is the top of the line. If you wanted to get your moneys worth you should go with either the mid priced one which offers wireless N internet connection plus 1080p video playback along with the instant replay remote.

2.) The Roku just like some of the other electronics on the market does not come standard with a HDMI. What the HDMI cables does is it makes whatever your looking at visually stand out more and truly bring home that movie theater experience right from the comfort of your own home.

3.) Much of the best streaming video and music sources require you to pay a subscription, but also comes with a lot of free content as well. For the baseball lovers the Roku offers streaming from

All though there are some other products on the market the Roku is the best bang for your buck. When you hold the product in your hands you wont believe how lightweight and convenient it truly is. The player is the best player you can buy because it combines features and pricing of 3 different light weight models.

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