Netflix Alternative – FlixsNow™ $25 per Year

Netflix Alternative - FlixsNow™ $25 per Year


Rarely are there programs that save people money on what they are already using or purchasing, so since I focus only on saving my friends money, not waste it, this is one you have to check out. Everyone has rented a DVD, either from NetFlix which just raised prices ticking millions off, or BlockBuster which filed bankruptcy, and then there is RedBox which has eaten into both given lower cost and no membership. So I ask you, do you know anyone who rents DVD's or knows someone that does?

Needless to say, everyone can succeed in this new business, and when it goes mainstream public, how many will switch when it is only $2.08 per day saving most hundreds per year. Yes, you heard it right, just $25.00 one time per year, and with just a few passive referrals, yours is F-R-E-E. It doesn't get any easier than this, nor will you ever find a business which is less to start, F-R-E-E. Combine these two features and then look at the very unique and powerful compensation plan for those who are interested in unlimited earnings.
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