MM216: Netflix Price Hike, TiVo iPhone App, Pandora Gets Refresh

MM216: Netflix Price Hike, TiVo iPhone App, Pandora Gets Refresh

Some huge news from Netflix and increase of prices and changes of their subscription plans causes a big stir tonight. Also, Pandora gets a HUGE and MOXIE makeover that is sure to win the hearts of all music fans and TiVo releases a very moxie, cool iPhone app for FREE.

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Netflix Changes Plans and Hikes Prices?
Netflix announced today they're changing subscription plans up which has a lot of people upset - why are they increasing prices by 60% for those who get DVDs in the mail? Also, why did they increase the price for combo plans such as the unlimited streaming AND a DVD-mail subscription plan? We've got the latest and greatest info on Netflix's price hike and plan changes here.

Pandora's Makeover in HTML5 is MOXTASTIC!
If you use Pandora, you have to see what the Moxie Mo has uncovered with Pandora's big plans coming in a few weeks! Not only has Pandora ditched Flash and gone to HTML5 (a much friendlier iPhone/iPad/mobile version) but they also have added major social networking features, new music features and whole other bunch of moxie stuff. Check it out!

TiVo Releases Free iPhone App
TiVo users rejoice; no more iPad owners getting all the fun as the Moxie Mo shows you TiVo's newly published iPhone App that allows a lot of control: your TV schedule, you can use your iPhone as your TiVo remote and a ton of new moxie features - details inside the episode!
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