LG 47LW7700 Review

The LG 47LW7700 has been identified as the company’s Nano LED flat-panel 3-D television. The monitor has been improved upon with the inclusion of local dimming technologies; this set is identified as a nano LED television due to the inclusion of a film overlay placed upon the glass panel so that LED lighting is evenly dispersed when the television is in operation. The inclusion of this nanotechnology has ensured that while wearing 3-D glasses a user will find that the images presented on the television set are still vivid and bright. The nano feature of this set, of course, is not its only appealing feature.

The LG 47LW7700 sports a 47 inch display when measured from one opposing corner to the other. The exterior housing of this television set is jet black with a high gloss finish. It has gently rounded corners giving it a smooth appearance. The body of the set is rectangular in shape. This is a wall mountable TV, however, it is also sold with a matching base. The base has a rectangular bottom that is also jet black. The neck of the base is clear and cube-like. All connectivity options are placed on the backside of the television set, while a few minor controls for operating the device are found on the lower right hand corner on the front panel.

The LG 47LW7700 is equipped with a 240 Hz refresh rate, an ultra slim, 1 inch thick framework, and this device is capable of converting 2-D images to 3-D presentations. This high definition television comes with a variety of picture controls, expansive calibrations, edge light technologies, and the entire device can be operated with a magic wand-like, infrared remote control. With this flat-panel offering users can access in-house applications, Netflix®, the Internet, NetCast®, and Smart TV®. The set is sold with a Wi-Fi® dongle for easy connectivity. The set has a maximum, native resolution equaling 1080 pixels. It is DLNA compliant; it comes with energy saving modes for the environmentally conscious consumer, and its range of features make it impressive all-around.

The nano technologies included in this television set remedy any bands of uneven lighting; this will ensure high quality image presentations in every instance. The superfast 240 Hz refresh rate further ensures that television viewers get flawless imagery presented with this high definition offering. This particular set has also undergone rigorous testing in order to become THX certified for 2-D to 3-D conversion. The panel on this device has antireflective properties so viewing at any angle is a breeze.

The LG 47LW7700 offering gives viewers access to things like net cast, Netflix®, Hulu Plus®, MLB.TV®, NBA Game Live®, Hulu Plus®, Amazon on Demand®, and NHL Gamecenter®; clearly this device diversifies the user’s television viewing options. The new nanotechnology added onto this device guarantee high-quality image presentations, and as always, LG has included advanced sound technologies for a superior soundscape. It is clear that the company has made every effort to instill brand-new innovations both inside and outside the LG 47LW7700.

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