How to Fix Netflix Lag

How to Fix Netflix Lag

Tell me how to fix Netflix lag.

Turn off the simultaneous downloads of movies and video games. Dump Comcast.

I cannot blame network traffic in my own home for the Netflix lag.

Sometimes the lag is due to resource usage on your personal computer. If it is trying to run antivirus scans and update the OS, it will slow down the Netflix stream.

The only thing the console is supposed to do is play the movie. I’m not trying to play a game while watching the movie.

One possibility might be bandwidth, like if the ISP is throttling you for downloading too many other movies or uploading to GitHub.

It would be more likely that someone else was on my network using my bandwidth.

This becomes a really great reason to kick the kids off the Xbox, so you can watch your movie. Or tell them to stop streaming on the other Playstation 4, so you can watch Netflix on your console.

I think I need to adjust the Netflix settings.

I’m assuming you’re working off a PC that can handle high definition movies.

If it could not handle HD, I know I’d get lag.

You could check your PC settings, like checking the processor speed, going to advanced system settings, performance, settings and letting Windows choose what is best. Usually it is “adjust for best performance”.

At least as far as a Windows device could perform.

If you’re using Silverlight, you may need to update the Silverlight plug-in.

I will be so glad when HTML5 gets rid of that and the Adobe plug-ins.

You might want to remove a lot of other plug-ins on the browser to free up resources and make sure they are not slowing down the feed, scanning for things to pop up in ads or looking for viruses.

I do not think plug-ins are the problem.

It might be the adapter. If the power adapter is not providing enough power to a laptop or handheld device, it cannot run at peak efficiency.

If that were the issue, my Amazon prime instant video would be really slow, but it is not.

Queue the conspiracy theories about Apple throttling performance of older devices to make you want to buy the new one, as demonstrated by Apple running slow search queries spiking before the new Apple product goes out.

I’m getting the lag most of the time on a PS4, not Mac.

There were rumors the PS3 was made slow to promote the PS4.

I’d rather run the virus scans and make sure no one else is streaming on my WiFi.
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