Expired Netflix Movies 1 – 14 films in 11 minutes

Expired Netflix Movies 1 - 14 films in 11 minutes

I apologize if I went a little insane in a few places in this video. Kept thinking I needed a comedic bit in each review and some work better than others. Whole thing feels a bit manic but its still good. Maybe insane is a way to go.

I didn't get all the shots I wanted for these flicks before they expired. So I used trailers for Altered, Leviathan, & Session 9 and used stills a bit on Return to Me & Brick since the clips I'd gotten mostly sucked. I think the example of how incoherent Brick can be isn't really good enough. There are much more slang filled hard to hear lines of dialog than that one.

Thanks to these two channels for their trailers. Needed them for Session 9 & Leviathan since I got this done too late. Got Altered's trailer from Amazon Video.
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