Connect a TV to Your Laptop to Watch Netflix Movies Online

Several laptops, and some desktop Windows PC’s consist of a special
socket that connects to many TV sets.

If you have S-Video sockets on both devices, get a cord. A 12-foot
lengthy wire costs under $5 on eBay or Amazon. The cord will certainly
set you back considerably much more if you buy it at a neighborhood
store ($20 to $50+).

The S-Video socket is round, has 2 pins on the left side, two pins on
the best side, and also keyways on top as well as bottom. If you want to
see a picture, go to and also search for s-video.

If you have a desktop PC, inspect the cards and outlets on the PC (front
and also back). If your desktop PC has a powerful video clip card, it’s
more probable to have what you need.

Plug the cable right into both tools. Turn on the TV and also change it
to the Video clip Input that matches the socket (a tag near the socket
tells you which Input).

You have to restart the PC. Home windows “discovers” the TV during
Windows launch. The TV might flicker a couple of times. You could not
typically add a TV or 2nd screen while Windows is running.

Next, we’ll set up the monitors so Windows has a Desktop computer that’s
dual the size of your existing Desktop.

Right-click on a blank area of your Windows Desktop computer as well as
you’ll obtain a menu. Click Feature (or Personalize), then click the
(Screen) Settings tab.

Click on the symbol of Display No. 2 and you ought to get a message
asking if you want to Allow it. Click Yes.

Adjustment the resolution on both displays to 800 x 600. You could try
higher resolutions, however they might not work.

Enable the check box named “Extend my Windows Desktop computer to This
Screen.” Click Apply or OK.

If everything remains in place, you need to see your average Desktop
computer and also icons on your laptop computer monitor, as well as a
duplicate of your Desktop computer background without any icons on the
TV set. Your Windows Desktop currently expands throughout both screens.
Examination by moving your computer mouse tip to the TV set.

Simpler video clip cards don’t have the sources to carry shades, so the
second screen may be Black & White. Try another COMPUTER, or go for B&W,
or you could try deciding on less Shades.

If the TV set is to the left of your laptop computer, click and drag the
# 2 screen icon so it’s to the left of the # 1 icon, just to stay clear
of complication.

Introduce your net browser (Web Traveler, Firefox or Chrome) and also
visit the Netflix (or various other) website. Select the movie you’ll
Play online. Make certain your internet browser is not “full-screen”–
click the little box/double-box at the top right edge making your
internet browser a little smaller sized compared to full-screen.
Currently you could click and drag the top of the browser away as well
as lose it on the Television Set. Click the box/double-box and also it
will increase to full-screen on the TV.

Click “Full Screen” in the lower right corner of the Netflix player to
obtain rid of the food selections as well as backgrounds. Move the
computer mouse to the laptop computer Desktop to make the controls

Enjoy your motion picture.

If the Screen Saver appears, right-click on a blank area of the laptop
computer desktop, click Properties, and also set the screen saver to 200
mins. Bear in mind to alter it back when you’re done.

To Pause your film, point the mouse to the Television Set. You’ll get a
Play/Pause switch on the bottom left edge, as well as a scroll bar that
reveals the movie’s development.

To drag the web browser back to the laptop screen, you’ll have to click
the box/double-box making it less compared to full screen. You could
likewise introduce an additional circumstances of your browser so you’ll
have one on each Desktop/monitor.

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How to Connect a Laptop Computer to a TV Using HDMI - Watch Youtube or Netflix on your TV
This video from TV Trade shows how to connect your laptop Computer or PC to a TV so that you can watch the likes of Netflix or Youtube. This demonstration is of how to do this using an HDMI cable. This is the best method as it will output both the sound and picture by just using one HDMI cable. HDMI outputs are not available on every PC or Laptop Computer, but where available it is simply the best method of outputting your Laptops screen to a TV. Older TV will not have a HDMI out put either but pretty much all flat screen TVs will have a HDMI input. Where HDMI is not available, you should investigate the VGA method which also works really well but again is not suitable for every TV, so make sure before you buy the appropriate cables.
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