BD-HP80U Review – Sharps 3D Blu-Ray Player

The BD-HP80U 3D Blu-Ray Player from Sharp was recently introduced last year. It seems to have all the necessary features you want to have from a good Blu-Ray Player, including 3D Blu-Ray Disc playback. This Profile 2.0 player provides Full HD 1080p Blu-Ray video and has Sharp’s own AQUOS Pure Mode technology that will work with Sharp’s AQUOS 3D TV models. The BD-HP80U supports the latest HD audio formats and comes equipped with a Wireless LAN that allows easy access to popular streaming internet media services like Netflix, VUDU or Pandora. Unique to most Blu-Ray Players, the BD-HP80U is wall mountable, using a 75mm VESA mount that can be placed next to your HDTV.

VIDEO QUALITY: Another unique feature of the BD-HP80U player is the lack Audio and Video Outputs. Sharp may believe the user has purchased the BD-HP80 for 3D playback. Making other connections beside HDMI, irrelevant. The HDMI Output is version 1.4. But unlike some other players, there is only one HDMI Port. A high-speed HDMI cable is required for transmitting 3D signals.

The BD-HP80U features the Sharp’s AQUOS Pure mode. This feature helps provide the best viewing of Blu-Ray Discs. When the BD-HP80U is connected to a Sharp AQaUOS LCD panel via a HDMI cable, the AQUOS LINK recognizes this connection. The projected image’s color base shifts to get the best setting for display. Giving you the best possible picture in accordance to the unique panel setup of an AQUOS LCD screen.

AUDIO QUALITY: Beside the HDMI Output, the BD-HP80U has an Optical Digital Output. Since it only has one HDMI Output, if you want to watch 3D images and be connect to an A/V receiver. Your A/V receiver must be 3D capable. The player does have internal decoding of the latest high-resolution audio formats – Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It can also transmit these audio formats in their native bit-stream over the HDMI cable to an A/V receiver to decode.

The main feature of the BD-HP80U is the 3D Blu-Ray Disc playback. But the player can support Blu-Ray, DVD, CD audio, AVCHD, Divx HD, JPEG and MP3 as well. The player is equipped with a built-in 802.11n wireless LAN. Providing easy access to Online Streaming Media Services and firmware updates. It does not have any internal memory storage, so a USB memory device is required if you want to download any BD-Live content found on certain Blu-Ray discs. With the USB port you can also play DIVX files, music and view photos.

With 3D capability, built-in Wi-Fi, Online Streaming and wall-mounting ability, the BD-HP80U offers many great and unique features. While lacking some features found in other 3D Blu-Ray Players, the BD-HP80U is still a stylish and solid Blu-Ray Player that delivers.

THE PROS: The BD-HP80U from Sharp provides excellent images and sound. Giving you Full HD 3D 1080p/24 fps Video Output. Like many of the 2010 models, it supports the playback of 3D Blu-Ray disc and standard Blu-Ray Discs. Of course it up-scales regular DVD as well to HD levels. Great surround sound is provided by internal audio decoding and bit-stream output for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio formats. It can transfer these formats in 7.1-ch via the HDMI connection. There is an Ethernet connection and a wireless LAN B/G/N 802.11 built-in for easy access to the internet. Supports BD-Live content as well as Online Streaming Media Services such as Netflix, Vudu and Pandora.

THE CONS: Lacking any Analog Audio Outputs, Component Outputs and Composite Outputs. This can make it tricking setting up the Player, especially for those without HDMI inputs on their audio and video devices. There is still not a lot of 3D content available as of 2010, and you will need a 3D HDTV and 3D glasses in order to see any 3D content that is available. Unfortunately, the BD-HP80U does not have any internal storage memory, so a USB Flash drive is required for downloading any BD-Live data. It does not have DLNA capability.

THE FINAL WORD: The Sharp BD-HP80U is loaded with many excellent features you come to except in a good Blu-Ray player. Giving you Full HD 3D 1080p video output with the all the latest audio HD formats. Having a built-in Wi-Fi and easy access to major Online Media Services should make this player very appealing to many consumers. As well as the AQUOS PURE Mode feature, which provides superior “dot-by-dot” transmitting of 1080p content when paired with other Sharp devices. It is also has a unique design as it is one of the few players that can be mounted to your wall. — Price you should look for when purchasing — Under $300.00

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