6 Best Dramas on Netflix 2014

6 Best Dramas on Netflix 2014

6 Best Dramas Streaming on Netflix now. Plenty of episodes & seasons to watch with all of these dramas on Netflix to choose from. Which series is your favorite?

*Breaking Bad
With five seasons already out, this popular and intense crime drama will always keep you anxiously awaiting the next episode.

*House of Cards
Starring everyone's favorite, Kevin Spacey, this gripping Netflix original drama shows audiences the ruthless and manipulative side of politics.

With only one lengthy season out so far, this showtime original series takes on audiences on twists and turns while they try to solve a murder mystery.

*Mad Men
Glamour, deceit and drama ooze from this show that takes place in 1960's New York, focusing on cutthroat business and advertising. With the first six seasons available to watch now, this show will always leave you hanging for the next episode.

*Orange is the New Black
This Netflix original comedy-drama shows a well kept suburban woman that is sentenced to a year in prison. With two seasons available to stream, this series will keep you intrigued with its bizarre situations and real life circumstances.

*Friday Night Lights
This dramatic series that focuses on a high school football team is something for the whole family to watch as it addresses many common issues in today's society.

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